Bus Video Passenger Flow Counting Solution

- Jan 25, 2018-

Bus video people counter of bus public transport as an important tool for passenger flow to travel, through the statistics of the bus passenger flow, we can understand the real and future flow of people every minute, every bus, every station and so on. With these data, then the intelligent scheduling system, make full use of public resources. The accuracy of passenger flow statistics directly affects the intelligent traffic system and the bus operation efficiency.


The vehicle video passenger flow statistical analysis system adopts the advanced number statistics algorithm, through analyzing and detecting the shape of the living body (head and shoulder), analyzing and counting the crowd traffic in designated area and designated direction at the same time of real-time video monitoring. In the standard environment, the accuracy of the number of people flow is more than 95%. It can be widely applied to occasions where statistics and restrictions are required for living entities. It provides managers with real-time, intuitive and accurate traffic data, which is conducive to more efficient management and organization.

Passenger Counting System Features

1. the number of up and down passenger flow in the front and back doors of the vehicle and the total number of the changing total number in the car are counted respectively.

2. users can directly access the IE to the passenger traffic statistics terminal, the area, direction, alarm conditions and other settings,

More than 3. people can distinguish the flow direction of each person by detecting the area at the same time.

4. reports on statistical data generation

5. people counter supports multiple video simultaneous numbers, 1 local video local output, SD card storage, alarm input / output, and RS485 output.

Passenger Counting System Structure

Terminal: video camera, video signal collection to the passenger flow statistics terminal, vehicle intelligent video passenger flow statistics BPC, used to count the total number of people in the return video and crowd flow direction and so on, and get the data of crowd flow volume in designated time and designated area.

Platform: users can access the 3G/4G/WIFI, through IE access to the terminal, designated statistical area and direction in real time video screen for video capture, video; picture; and get the accurate data of the region's group flow momentum, creating and printing table and tracking through GPS positioning.