Bus Passenger Counter Watchdog Your Ticket Income

- Jan 22, 2018-

In recent years, with the booming development of long-distance passenger transport and urban public transport, buses have become an important means of transport for people to travel (going to get off work, traveling on business, visiting relatives and friends, returning to visit relatives by the end of the year, etc.) And as China's economy and population continue to grow, the development of long-distance passenger transport and urban public transport in the future will show an upward trend, while the number of passengers is also rapidly increasing.

The so-called overcrowding, we all know, China's population first in the world, once the bus number can not meet the needs of passengers is bound to result in bus congestion, disorder, fare evasion, management and other serious problems, but also bound to have some impact on transport . Especially in some primary and secondary cities. Such phenomena are particularly serious. For example, in Shenzhen, crowded buses, traffic jams and overloading occur frequently every morning, afternoon and weekend, which is quite serious.

In addition, due to the lack of an effective vehicle monitoring mechanism, some irregularities such as "overloading, stealing tickets and embezzlement" occurred in long-distance passenger transport businesses. This not only posed a safety hazard to passengers but also brought great difficulties to passenger transport companies Big operational risk and economic loss.

In view of the above phenomena, overload, congestion, congestion, etc. not only pose a threat to the safety of passengers, but also affect the driver's safe driving (such as blocking rear-view mirror and shift lever operation inflexible, etc.) Causing serious confusion and increasing the incidence of traffic accidents. In view of this, for the steady development of long-distance passenger transport and urban public transport, a complete, simple and effective passenger flow management system must be supported to solve the harsh phenomena of overloading, congestion, congestion, fare collection and corruption.

Therefore, Watchdog Electronics made a detailed study and analysis on the current passenger traffic management and developed a complete and efficient video passenger counter for bus and passenger flow statistics management system. The people counting system through bus / coach traffic statistics, managers can accurately grasp each time period, every bus, every station, each passenger coach and other traffic. According to the data analysis, to determine whether there is overloading, fare evasion, corruption and other phenomena, and timely processing, so as to restore unnecessary losses, to effectively monitor; the other hand, the use of the system will enhance the passenger transport business information, resulting Decision-making basis to improve the level of modern management and enterprise competitiveness, reduce operating costs for enterprises to create greater efficiency and establish a good social image, have a positive impact!