Bus Passenger Counter Bring a Smart Bus Transit

- Dec 23, 2019-

China is the world' s largest population. Once the number of buses fails to meet the needs of passengers, it will inevitably cause serious phenomena such as bus congestion, disorderly order, evasion of tickets, and irregular management. It will also affect traffic . Especially in some first- and second-tier cities, this kind of phenomenon is particularly serious. For example, Shenzhen, where bus congestion, traffic congestion, and overload occur every morning, afternoon, and weekend every day, which is quite serious. In addition, due to the lack of an effective vehicle supervision mechanism, some long-distance passenger service industry violations such as "overload, ticket theft, corruption" and other violations occur from time to time, which not only brings hidden safety hazards to the passengers, but also brings great risks to the passenger transportation companies.

Large operational risks and economic losses.

Watchdog Electronics provides a complete and efficient passenger counting and analysis system for passenger transit companies in the world. Through the statistics of bus / long-distance passenger counting traffic , the people counting system can accurately grasp the passenger traffic info of each time period, each bus, each station, each long-distance passenger bus and so on. On the one hand, using this data, the intelligent bus route dispatch management system is utilized to make full use of public resources, thereby completely preventing the occurrence of undesirable phenomena. 

Reamol passenger counter system can be used to solve the comprehensive statistics of passenger numbers by bus passenger companies. Analyze and determine whether there are overloading, evasion, missed votes, corruption, etc., and deal with them in a timely manner to recover unnecessary losses and carry out effective supervision; on the other hand, the use of the system will enhance the informationization of passenger transport companies, resulting in a The basis is to improve the modern management level and competitiveness of the enterprise, reduce the operating cost of the enterprise, create greater benefits for the enterprise, establish a good social image, and have a positive impact!

Reamol bus passenger counter system is an advanced intelligent security system that monitors the flow of people. This system uses Reamol advanced human counting algorithms and internationally leading video analysis and pattern recognition technology. It uses different types of living bodies that are stationary or walking in the video. (Human head and shoulders) shape detection, tracking, and statistics to accurately and real-time calculate the number of people passing through the area. Analyze the crowd flow in the specified area and direction while real-time video monitoring. Under the standard environment, the statistical accuracy of the population is higher than 98%. It can be widely used in situations where live statistics and restrictions are required. It provides managers with real-time, intuitive and accurate passenger flow data, which is conducive to more efficient management and organizational work. The accuracy of passenger flow statistics directly affects the operation and operation of intelligent transportation systems. Benefits of bus operation.

The purpose of the vehicle passenger flow statistics system is mainly three fields:

The first is to organize and analyze the basic situation of passenger transportation of passenger vehicles, and provide corresponding data for the decision-making work of the traffic management department and passenger transit companies, so as to formulate a reasonable and efficient operation solution for passenger operations;

The second is to collect and master the rules of passenger traffic change, to arrange the plan reasonably for the passenger transportation management department, to balance the organization of transportation capacity, to realize the reasonable allocation of transportation commanders, dispatchers and equipment, and to provide a basis for decision-making;

The third is to analyze the number of bus onboard passengers, analyze whether the vehicle is overloaded, whether the capacity is full, whether the driver and crew are corrupt, whether there are passenger ticket fraud and missing tickets, etc., to provide a strong guarantee for the economic operation of the passenger transport system.