Binocular Passenger Counter offer more accurate People Flow Analysis

- Nov 20, 2017-

Passenger flow data is an important indicator of shopping malls operation, it can be said that now judge a shopping mall business is good, popular fire is not, basically only look at the passenger flow. Many people says that let mall traffic bursting is very simple, I directly engage in several promotional activities or do some publicity can, not to engage in a promotion and advertising no traffic data of the escort, for passenger quantity and quality within their grasp is not far to grasp the effect is far better than he expected, even for their own marketing a bursting with popularity of illusion, but no real effect of marketing income, also increased the workload of staff, shopping guide.

At present, with the rapid development of domestic passenger flow statistics technology and iterative upgrade, again the popularization and application of formal market oriented level plus, from the public for traffic data without concept also continue to strengthen the traditional retail businesses in the passenger cognitive data, the future application of the passenger flow statistics will also can be seen everywhere, and the passenger flow analysis the general will also encourage users to pay more attention to daily passenger flow accurate statistics.

Watchdog was founded in 2011, since after the founding of the company focused on the development of traffic statistics system, analysis of traffic service in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, tourist attractions and other fields, for several years, precipitation of various kinds of emerge in an endless stream of statistical method also have contact in the passenger flow statistics, deeply passenger counter, or in the eyes traffic statistics head count is more accurate.

Why is binocular passenger flow statistics more accurate? Contact traffic statistics and friends are clear, the passenger flow counting method can be divided into "infrared" and "WiFi" probe "video analysis of three kinds of mainstream statistical channels, including a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but not a hundred percent guarantee at all, only that which is more accurate and more reliable.

1. Infrared people counter: using two installed on the door on both sides of the infrared transmitter, when an object by blocking infrared ray is counted as the number of "1", the statistical methods are relatively low investment cost, while it is not according to the body feature set, it is easy to appear non blocking or infrared human body side by side is counted as one person.

2. Wifi probe people counter: common used in some large shopping malls, shopping centers and leisure centers, the use of WiFi coverage through the intelligent mobile phone users open WiFi, Bluetooth connected to a wireless network that is the number of statistics, this is the biggest advantage of statistical method to locate the user location in the clear, but the user does not open mobile phone WiFi, Bluetooth, or one of the more intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone or shutdown, did not take the case is not accurate statistics of the number of.

3. Intelligent video people counter: install passenger terminals through the statistical position just above the walkway in entrance, channel, elevator and so on, analyze whether human motion target detection using video monitoring technology is mainly divided into monocular and binocular traffic statistics two, commonly used in shopping centers, shopping malls, chain stores other places.

The above three introduced, the market use ratio is: video >wifi> infrared, that is to say, the method of video passenger flow statistics is more popular, but also with the development of smart security, video passenger flow statistics will become mainstream. The reason is that video traffic statistics is a multi domain video processing, image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence based on technology, comprehensive pedestrian movement, color and contour features, through a large number of training samples obtained by head detector, detection and tracking of the video in the head by the number and direction of regional judgment this, specific to the human body feature design head count more in line with the passenger flow statistics significance.

Video people counting system is the most common monocular traffic statistics, we called it the "Cyclops", it is a use of a single camera to capture, capture of moving target single image two-dimensional information, which is based on the head and shoulders to judge is not human, and traffic statistics.


Watchdog traffic statistics is binocular 3D information to obtain the moving target by using two lens of cameras sensors, similar to the human eyes, head, shoulder width and height between two different target images will be obtained, so as to achieve more accurate traffic statistics.

The largest gap between monocular and binocular passenger traffic statistics statistics both were markedly different in addition to hardware and algorithm above, contrast them binocular passenger flow statistics head count more accurate, mainly reflected in:

  • High precision: Based on 3D binocular stereo vision technology, accurate statistics to each person, the accuracy can reach more than 97%;

  • High adaptability: the algorithm can adapt to intense lighting changes (such as different carpet colors and sunlight, light), complex object interference (such as sliding doors, shopping carts), and crowded people;

  • Two way passenger flow: the passenger flow that can identify and enter at the same time;

  • Display trajectory: 3D target detection and tracking technology, the terminal can view real-time video, tracking trajectory, real-time access to the number of people, you can record video with tracking trajectory, for verification accuracy.

  • Height filtering: according to the height of the target information, you can customize the number of people who need to filter count, such as height less than 1.2 meters of children's cameras can not count, so the passenger flow data can be associated with the purchasing power of customers and so on.

    That is, you can choose the binocular traffic statistics better get rid of some of the effects of monocular traffic statistics, such as video footage of the hovering in the doorway of the cause of a repeat count, or a customer with a hat, pushing a shopping cart, luggage and so on the number, the number of leakage error, and can the object height exclude some children, animal and so on do not have the spending power, more to improve the traffic statistics in the real value of the market.