Big Data of Footfall Makes Smart Marketing Decision

- Dec 28, 2019-

Data has changed people's lives. Through the application and analysis of data, business enterprises have improved the way of operation, improved the efficiency of work and the rationality of management. And based on big data precision marketing is an important guiding factor to improve sales volume, so in what aspects can statistical analysis of shopping mall passenger flow generate value?

To know that precision marketing based on big data needs scientific data as the support basis. We need to guide consumer behavior from the aspects of customer portrait, demand forecast and various kinds of analysis, so as to help enterprises to formulate targeted product strategies.

According to the analysis of big data on footfall counting and analysis, the marketing department makes the marketing personnel prepare more effective activities according to the marketing plan, and look for possible business opportunities in different customer groups in combination with enterprise strategy, enterprise ability, market environment and other factors. Finally, it makes personalized marketing strategy for each customer group, and constantly strengthens the improvement, so that almost every customer can Accept products or services according to personal preferences.

At the same time, through the analysis of offline data and online data, a series of analysis of precision customers will better understand their preferences, browsing habits, whether they have consumption ability, etc. according to these, we can also develop marketing programs that meet the pain points of precision customers, and strive to maximize marketing.

What kind of precise marketing can be achieved by statistical analysis of shopping mall footfall traffic? Of course, the visits traffic of shopping malls also needs effective statistics. Business managers then make business management planning and decision-making marketing based on the data analysis of real-time footfall traffic.

The people counting of shopping mall's passengers is generally realized by the intelligent video people footfall counter, which is mainly due to its good accuracy of counting, not affected by external reflection and light, but also can be recognized in two directions, and can be effective statistics for both bareheaded and side-by-side. For shopping malls, the main entrance and the entrance of each floor are the counting places. If the shop needs to know the conversion rate, it can also install and obtain effective data.

The data obtained through the camera needs to be transmitted to the system server platform through the network, and the business management can generate data reports in each period according to the demand, and also compare the data in time and space, so as to do marketing operation, improve the popularity of people footfall and create higher value profits.

Through the statistical analysis of passenger flow data, the managers of shopping malls know the average detention time of footfall, and each time they stay in the shopping malls, they can see whether customers are interested in a certain commodity in the shopping malls. There is also the issue of transaction conversion rate. A certain area has a high proportion of customers achieving consumption in the light of customer flow, which means that this area can attract passenger flow.

Another is that there is not a good evaluation effect for promotion activities, and it is better to do promotion without knowing when, and because of the diversion of e-commerce, the passenger flow is also reduced, there are external sensory factors, in terms of decoration value, display and decoration of goods, etc.

In conclusion, the purpose of statistical analysis of shopping mall passenger flow is to achieve accurate marketing services, understand customers' needs in combination with consumption system, do marketing for target customer groups, promote consumption, etc. Of course, it is important to have an effective passenger flow statistics.