Baidu Map Realtime Bus Service for All Jiangsu Province Buses

- Oct 17, 2017-

The fast pace of urban life, time is the most precious life cost, but whether it is traffic jam or bus traffic is not convenient, will waste a lot of time, real time bus function Baidu map to create an effective solution to this pain point, and for more users to benefit the continuous expansion of public transportation lines covering number. Recently, Baidu maps completed the full coverage of the vast majority of bus routes in 13 districts and districts of Jiangsu Province, and the public will save more time when they choose bus trips, and enjoy more efficient and high-quality travel experience.

People in Jiangsu province bid farewell to "waiting for public transportation", real time control of precision bus

Since 2015, Nanjing and Suzhou on line real time bus, Baidu maps continue to expand traffic big data and bus line coverage, to August this year, Jiangsu has completed the 13 provinces and cities covering the whole city. Bus line users open Baidu map in the search box input to take, can visually see the location of all running buses at the bus line, click on the desired direction of the line into the bus line details page, select the appropriate site can see a bus from your most recent needs a few station.

Jiangsu province to find real-time bus, Baidu map intelligent traffic travel experience upgrade again

Intimate, Baidu map will be displayed for the user operation of the same site other buses, convenient for the user to adjust travel plans according to the actual situation, select the required waiting time is the shortest bus in multiple line scheme. In addition, Baidu maps can also subscribe to the common bus routes, set the reminder time, more convenient and quick.

Jiangsu province to find real-time bus, Baidu map intelligent traffic travel experience upgrade again

Create a "Mile eye" bus, Baidu maps and Jiangsu Provincial Department of communications to work together to tap the value of big data traffic

Baidu maps is the first map manufacturer to develop real-time bus functions in China. At present, the number of urban coverage, the number of bus lines, and the accuracy of bus operation are the first to maintain the industry. Nowadays, it is easy to query the bus information in the mobile Internet APP, but it is necessary to have a deep technical foundation to do "real time". Baidu maps has 80 billion times a day in response to the location request location service ability, through access to the bus GPS positioning and automatic people counter in the bus, a comprehensive analysis of traffic data with the authority to provide accurate real-time traffic data analysis and government departments, to provide efficient and convenient, simple and intuitive bus trip scheme for users.

Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation in response to the national energy-saving emission reduction, green low-carbon travel call, practice the convenience Huimin concept, enhance the people travel satisfaction, to encourage people to choose public transport, but also the practice of bus passenger pressure increases. Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation, uphold the principle of "Internet plus convenient traffic" concept, the initiative to coordinate and integrate the original municipalities in the province of complex distributed bus operation data, improve the accuracy and stability of data transmission, from the source can guarantee real-time traffic information, but also specially developed "travel information resource management platform. For shared service quality, monitoring travel service related data update frequency, health status. In order to ensure the orderly operation of the public transport system, improve public travel convenience experience, Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation in 2015 with Baidu maps reached a strategic cooperation, sharing of data resources, provide bus lines, bus station information and other authoritative data for Baidu maps, Baidu maps through large data capacity and computing ability of real-time artificial intelligence show on Baidu maps the client, the real-time bus information directly reach the user, this is not only the Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation has a beneficial attempt in the field of public service, improve the user experience and the efficiency of bus travel, but also effectively promoted the popularization of green travel, in the country played an exemplary role.

Real time bus to achieve the province's coverage, Baidu map real-time bus function user traffic surge, monthly active users reached 1 million, the comprehensive transportation system of Jiangsu province has intelligent upgrade, this is the good effect of government departments and Internet Co cooperation is advanced. At the same time, Jiangsu has also become the first city in the whole country, all real-time bus data are online provinces.

As the map navigation software market ranked first domestic users, Baidu maps has become an indispensable smart city and intelligent transportation construction participants continue to cover real-time bus will promote the city public transportation system to intelligent, low-carbon development, has been covering tens of thousands of lines of a second tier city, millions of daily users benefit. In the future, Baidu maps will continue to release their own big data technology advantages, providing users with more efficient, convenient, time-saving travel experience in multi class travel scence.