Application Scenario of Passenger Flow Statistical Analysis

- Jan 28, 2019-

Scenario 1: Business passenger flow enabling data for large shops and shopping centers

Business passenger flow technology can count the number of consumers in the store according to the mobile phone, and also can track the trajectory of consumers in the store according to the mobile IP. For the modern people who do not leave their mobile phones, this statistical method has been able to relatively accurately understand the passenger flow situation, and people counting is also the best means of offline traffic identification, landing, data acquisition capabilities are strong.

Through passenger flow statistics, we can identify and judge individual consumers with data from three dimensions: path, frequency and length. For example, the system captures that Consumer A comes to the mall two or three times a month, and then goes straight to the mother-to-child area after each visit, and stays there for a long time. Then, the system can label him as "mother and baby". By analogy, consumers can be given various labels according to their behavioral habits.

In addition, the customer flow statistics system based on Wifi probe can also manage consumers from the dimension of user life cycle, and label consumers with high and low activity, new and old customers, lost customers and returned customers. Background support a variety of tag combination queries and statistical analysis, such as the analysis of new and lost customers of mother and child customers. Let the store operators understand the changes of customers in their own field at a glance, and organize all kinds of marketing activities in a targeted manner.

In the past, the marketing activities of shopping malls were carried out around holidays, lacking pertinence. With the passenger flow statistics system through Wifi probes, shopping malls can be more targeted. After the end of marketing activities, we can also analyze the return of target customers according to background data, evaluate the effect of marketing activities, and make timely adjustments. It can even analyze the impact of different weather and activities on the shop passenger flow.

Scenario 2: Customer Flow Analysis Help Shopping Mall

First, the passenger flow statistics system can determine the level of berth rent for shopping malls. The distribution of passenger flow in different periods can be obtained by installing the passenger flow statistics system in the entrance and exit of the purchase center, each floor, each passageway and the front of each shop. The excellent tenants in the same type of shop can be seen immediately, and the poor performance business areas can be immediately noticed. Moreover, from now on, the adjustment of tenant mix will not be blind, and it can be completely through the adjustment of the tenant mix. Flow data for scientific analysis. More importantly, the passenger flow data provide real data support for the investment department of the shopping center in determining the rent level of the specific floor and the future rent adjustment. Through the observation of entrance and exit traffic data, it can help to determine the pricing of advertising space, and reasonably determine the placement of important advertisements.

Combining the passenger flow data obtained by the passenger flow statistics system with the rent level, setting measurable operating parameters in the lease contract can optimize the income and show the performance sheet of investors. Passenger flow data is also the added value of shopping mall assets. In today's highly competitive retail industry, shopping malls with more popularity obviously have higher market value.

Secondly, the passenger flow statistics system introduces customer analysis for shopping centers in a planned way, and formulates reasonable activity themes. By the daily statistics of passenger flow data, the operation Department is aware of the operation of the whole shopping mall. Secondly, according to the change of passenger flow, property management personnel, maintenance personnel, security personnel, cleaning personnel and so on should be allocated and arranged effectively to make rational use of human resources. During the activity period, the passenger flow system provides accurate passenger flow data, which can not only evaluate the effect of the activity intuitively, but also analyze the return of marketing activities and promotional investment combined with other data reports. In addition, combined with the passenger flow data of the same period in history, the law of passenger flow is obtained through comparative analysis, which provides a basis for the formulation of future activities.

Thirdly, the passenger flow statistics system can provide more detailed analysis reports for shopping malls. Passenger flow statistics system can not only provide passenger flow data on time and on demand, compare and analyze historical passenger flow data and current passenger flow information, but also combine with other existing systems of shopping mall to conduct comprehensive and multi-angle analysis of shopping mall, produce more detailed performance reports, analyze the current situation for managers, adjust business tactics and determine future business direction. Provide sufficient and valuable information.

Scene 3: Application of Video Probe in Clothing Industry and High-quality Shops

Through the introduction of passenger flow statistics system and the installation of binocular cameras, the passenger flow in and out of stores can be counted, and the operation KPI can be analyzed through customized passenger flow reports, which provides a strong basis for the adjustment of operation strategy.

Binocular cameras are installed at the entrance of stores to monitor the flow of customers to cloud servers, and then generate daily, weekly and monthly summary comparative reports. Managers and headquarters managers can easily grasp the flow and conversion rate of each branch through the webpage version. Accurate passenger flow statistics can provide reference for the location of stores, improve the management efficiency and service quality of stores, and ultimately promote the increase of unit volume and unit price.

Although the cost of 3D binocular passenger flow statistics system is much higher than that of infrared passenger flow statistics technology and WIFI probe passenger flow statistics technology, for the high-end consumer groups of high-quality shops, the passenger flow is small, but the data requirements are accurate, at this time there is no need to install too many binocular cameras, so the use of video passenger flow statistics will be far more than the other two.

Application Scenario 4: Logistics Analysis through Advertising Push

Real-time passenger flow statistics analysis, statistics of daily real-time passenger flow information, when users stay in front of the advertising machine for 1-2 seconds, the camera will capture face images and can accurately count the gender and age of the people who enter and stay in stores at any time. Businessmen use passenger flow statistics to analyze the length of different people staying in stores, regional statistics of passenger flow intensity, product attention, and different age. The product heat that people pay attention to. Through large data analysis and comparison, it is conducive to business deployment of the best mode of operation.

Application Scenario 5: Accurate Marketing through Passenger Flow Analysis and Consumer Connection

When we find that the customers with the label "female-mother-child parent-child lathe" also have good consumption in "mother-child parent-complementary food", "home-furniture", "furniture-kitchen electricity durability". In the later stage, when pushing the offer of child lathe, we can also consider adding supplementary food, furniture, kitchen electricity and other activities at the same time. At the same time, we can find that the customers with wine products label all have the label of "shopping-food". In the later stage, while offering wine products, they can also offer food to them. In addition, the customers who pay also have a good proportion. In the later stage, payment can also be integrated into the relevant push activities. It is precisely using the passenger flow statistical analysis system to achieve the accurate marketing of related products.

Application Scenario 6: Passenger Flow Statistics is to reconstruct the connection between stores and consumers

The application of passenger flow statistics in physical stores is to reconstruct the connection between stores and consumers, use passenger flow statistics system, advanced face recognition technology, capture the number of stores, and analyze the portraits, statistics the attributes of customers'gender, age, identity, etc. Through the data analysis report generated in the background, show the frequency of customers' patronage and return customer analysis, so that the shop assistant can be the first to do so. To understand customers'consumption behavior and habits, to find out customers' consumption preferences and psychology, to make appropriate product recommendations and provide professional services.

It is seamlessly connected with POS machine to effectively calculate bagging rate and unit price, so that members can achieve automatic integral through face, discount service, professionally consolidate VIP customer volume and consumer groups, and predict passenger flow line, shop assistants adjust commodities and display direction, create a scientific and reasonable consumption scenario to achieve perfect interaction between stores and consumers.