Application of Fisheye Camera

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. Interesting prospects can produce a powerful visual impact;
2. Depth of field can range from a few centimeters to an infinite distance;
3. Select as few lines and faces as possible, and as far as possible, put the subject in the center of the picture in the composition, so that the distortion is minimized.
4. On the contrary, choose as many horizontal lines and recognizable scenery as possible on the edge of the screen, can make the most distortion effect;
5. Look at the edge of the viewfinder to see if there is a photographer's hand, foot, camera band or photographer himself was taken into the lens, so as not to affect the artistic effect of the screen;
6. For most fish-eye lenses, commonly used filters are not available.
7. It is used in the production of panoramic images based on realistic scenes, and is widely used in entertainment, real estate, museums, schools and other institutions of publicity and display projects. Also seen in Google Maps Street View function.