AI will increase Security and Protection Industry

- Dec 13, 2017-

In 2014, the scale of China's security market reached 420 billion yuan, up 17% from the same period. In the next 5 years, the scale of civilian surveillance market will reach 100 billion yuan, with an average annual market demand of more than ten billion yuan. And the light and small security devices of families, micro enterprises and supermarkets will expand the demand of this market.

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The composition of intelligent security technology

As far as the intelligent security is concerned, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes three main parts: entrance guard, alarm and monitoring. From a product perspective: should have anti-theft alarm system, video surveiallance alarm system, entrance access control alarm system, security personnel patrol alarm system, GPS vehicle alarm management system and 110 alarm transmission systems and so on.

These subsystems are often applied in our daily life, such as office entry, cell entrance, parking access, and bank door alarm sensing.

New changes in the intelligent security industry

See more clearly

People's pursuit of high definition is endless. From standard clearing, HD to super HD, and then to 4K, intelligent security manufacturers have launched a new generation of smart cameras. They not only have high pixels, but also can intercept images intelligently, and can also achieve HD monitoring under harsh lighting.

For no light or low light environment monitoring camera can not take a clear picture of the problem, the relevant enterprises developed the "Starlight camera", realized in the low illumination environment without light can ensure that the picture is clear, rich in detail, small noise.

The fog technology camera for fog and haze research, even in the extremely bad atmosphere, can also ensure the real-time HD monitoring of the region.

Look more accurate

Face recognition is a kind of biometric technology based on the unique matching of human face and identity authentication based on human facial features. It is gradually rising and is widely accepted because of its security advantages.

Access control mode, eliminating the company credit card or the receptionist to open the door automatically open the door through the steps of face recognition; attendance mode, instead of the traditional, old clock system, the face recognition technology can effectively avoid a series of problems, such as fingerprint film instead of punch......

At present, a new type of intelligent greeting system is a dynamic face recognition system. This set of things is very representative. If placed at the door of a company, it may be a smart access control door. If placed in the hall, it may be a guest check-in system. If placed at the store door, it may be a set of VIP identification system.

Look more "far away"

The camera wants to really think about the world and make real-time response, which requires the backstage to process massive data, store data flexibly, quickly unlock and provide efficient analysis and statistical data. Under the support of cloud data, intelligent security is not only limited to the security field, but more like an entrance.

The scale of intelligent security subdivision market in China

Intelligent video analysis into scale

The technology of intelligent video analysis is a developing trend of market application. At present, intelligent video analysis is more mature and deep industry application mainly has the following several industries: public security, traffic, retail, judicature.

In 2015, the entire security market has entered the era of Pan intelligence. Traffic, energy, parks, schools, buildings, banks, including small and medium-sized enterprises, civil and so on, all have intelligent application demand.

HD video camera takes up or will exceed the analog system

Because of the larger base number, the analog monitoring camera still occupies more than half of the market. But under the impetus of huge market demand, the network HD, the million high definition surveillance camera system in the future or will exceed the analog monitoring camera. In 2015, the total shipments of high definition cameras were about 15 million, accounting for about 55% of the total camera market. If the area is divided according to the large area, the Pearl River Delta area accounts for about 40% (most of which are concentrated in Shenzhen), the Yangtze River Delta region accounts for about 50%, and the rest of the region accounts for about 10%.

Currently, the main brands and high-definition camera manufacturers, domestic Hikvision, UOB, ivisions, Tiandy, Kodak, infinova, particle, Hanbang tech, wision, Jia Xinjie, Jing Yang; foreign Samsung, SONY, axis etc.. With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology in China and the arrival of the digital era, the gap between China and the developed countries in science and technology will be narrowing. In the security monitoring HD era, Chinese enterprise occupies an important seat in the global security market will, by Hikvision, UOB, Zhongwei electronic enterprise independent research and development of its own brand Chinese HD monitoring products will break the current market share of Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States the main situation, shine in the security monitoring on the market in the future.

Rapid development of biometrics

Fingerprint identification biometrics accounted for the highest share, but the overall downward trend, from 66.9% in 2007 to 60.1% in 2013, 2020 is expected to drop to about 52%; and the speech recognition, face recognition, iris recognition is growing rapidly, the proportion of 2020 is expected to reach 22.4%, 9.6% and 6.4% respectively.

Fingerprint identification is the most widely used in biometric technology. In recent years, the decline in the cost of fingerprint sensors has greatly increased the application of this technology to smartphones and tablet computers. Experts expect that the size of the iris recognition technology will grow at a rate of 28.6% per year, mainly due to the high recognition accuracy of the iris.

In the field of application, the most widely used field of biometric technology is transportation, logistics and border inspection, which will continue to 2019. The new trend is that the bank and financial system will actively deploy biometrics solutions, and will become the fastest growing field of biometrics technology market in this era. In the future, applications of biometrics include public sector, defense, consumer electronics, health care, property protection, business security and retail, hotels, cars and even computer games.

Analysis of key application fields of intelligent security

Urban Smart Security:  as part of the construction of smart city, it will not only develop itself with the construction of smart city, but also will exert strength in other fields, such as intelligent building, intelligent transportation, smart home and so on. For example, video monitoring, entrance control (including biometrics, parking lot management etc.), anti-theft alarm, intercom (public broadcasting and electronic patrol, belong to the community security equipment) and other 4 major categories of equipment will be widely used in the field of smart city.

Park: intelligent application of intelligent security system basically covers access control, monitoring, alarm, perimeter, elevator control, parking lot, electronic patrol system.

Campus intelligent security:  smart security can not only monitor the important safety hidden danger areas in schools, but also make up for the shortage of defensive strength and solve the problem of inadequate monitoring. At the same time, intelligent security is also helpful to protect the security of university resources, and also help to cooperate with the public security department to combat crime and improve the probability of breaking the case.

Intelligent security in exhibition hall:  since the beginning of 2008, the implementation of spiritual civilization has been strengthened at the national level. Museums and monument have been free to the whole society, and the importance and investment intensity of construction and management of museums and cultural centers have been strengthened. Thus, the construction of the museum and the application of security system also have a period of rapid development.

Financial intelligence security:  intelligent financial security is the trend of the times. Financial security industry is developing constantly, but also put forward various requirements for security enterprises. One of the products, product performance requirements continue to improve, and constantly improve the function of video image, the effect of strengthening, intelligent analysis accuracy is increased; the two is to improve the performance of the product price, the function of products at the same time, also have a higher price.

China's smart security market has a good prospect

The future of intelligent security market is good, and the influence of all aspects will be promoted together. Under the support of the national policy, the peace city, the safe community and other projects have been pushed forward in all parts of the country, and the concept of the security of the people has been basically formed.

In the civil monitoring market, especially the small and micro enterprise owners have begun to install monitoring equipment in order to ensure the safety of life and property. In addition, domestic market demand has also begun to develop, and there may be an explosive growth.

With the monitoring industry and domestic chip manufacturers and other related technologies mature, intelligent security monitoring equipment makes the cost high decreased year by year, buy a set of intelligent security equipment prices will not make households discouraged, improving people's living standards, the development of Geography in civil monitoring greatly.