ADAS Road Traffic Sign Recognition System

- Dec 14, 2019-

ADAS Technology:

Traffic Sign Recognition System

Missing out any traffic sign can be a cause of a serious road accident. The real-time traffic sign recognition (TSR) systems not only help drivers to follow the traffic signals, but help them follow the traffic rules. Traffic sign recognition systems in a vehicle are equipped with forward-facing cameras to detect the on-road signs. Real-time feeds from the front cameras with image processing, computer vision and image recognition algorithms help this system to recognize the traffic signs and display on the infotainment system to be addressed by the driver.

The ADAS road traffic sign recognition system will remind you of the road sign information, such as the current speed limit and no overtaking. If your vehicle has just passed, the information will be displayed on the multi information display screen and the head up display screen. Operation mode of the system when the camera on the back of the rear-view mirror captures the traffic sign when driving, the system will display the sign identified as the designated sign of the vehicle. The logo icon will be displayed for a period of time until the vehicle has reached a predetermined time and distance.

The logo icon may also switch to another icon or disappear if the end of the speed limit or other specified limit is detected. Change direction at an intersection by turning signal. Not all signs will be displayed, but any signs erected by the roadside shall not be ignored.

The traffic sign intelligent identification system is designed to provide driving assistance only. Drivers must still pay attention to the road conditions and comply with all road regulations.