ADAS Forward Collision Warning Systems

- Dec 14, 2019-

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Forward Collision Warning Systems

Forward Collision warning systems are in-vehicle electronic systems that notify the drivers in case of forward collision with any other vehicle or object in the roadway. Latest collision warning systems work on radar, laser and camera systems and generate audio, visual and tactical alerts in case of any possibility of collisions. These systems measure the distance, angular direction and relative speed between the two vehicles. Some of the forward collision warning systems are integrated with the adaptive cruise control systems to slow down the vehicle speed when any vehicle is detected in front.

The vehicle anti-collision early warning system is based on intelligent video analysis and processing. It realizes its early warning function through dynamic video camera technology and computer image processing technology. The main functions are: distance monitoring and rear end collision warning, front collision warning, lane departure warning, navigation function and black box function. Compared with the existing automobile anti-collision early warning system at home and abroad, such as ultrasonic anti-collision early warning system, radar anti-collision early warning system, laser anti-collision early warning system, infrared anti-collision early warning system, etc., it has incomparable advantages in function, stability, accuracy, humanization and price. It can run stably all day long, greatly improving the comfort and safety of driving.

1) Vehicle distance monitoring and early warning: the system continuously monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead, and provides three levels of vehicle distance monitoring alarm according to the approach degree to the vehicle ahead;

2) Vehicle crossing warning: when the turn signal is not turned on, the system generates crossing warning about 0.5 seconds before the vehicle passes through various lane lines;

3) Forward collision warning: the system warns the driver that there will be a collision with the vehicle ahead. When the possible collision time between the vehicle and the vehicle ahead is within 2.7 seconds according to the current driving speed, the system will generate an audible and visual warning;

4) Other functions: black box function, intelligent navigation, leisure and entertainment, radar early warning system (optional), tire pressure monitoring (optional), digital TV (optional), reverse view (optional).